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Let’s Chat!

Do you have podcasting, business development, or wellness questions? (Your question could be featured on the blog) Or do you want me to review your beauty or lifestyle product? Let’s chat! Connect with me at [email protected]

Partnerships & Collaborations

I am open to a range of collaborations whether it’s for your launch or to sponsor a post on the blog, I offer a number of options and opportunities. To find out more about how to work with me for your next project or campaign email me at [email protected].

Services I offer:

Consulting: I consult with corporations and non-profits on business and program development as well as project and special event management.

Coaching: I coach entrepreneurs and small business owners on confidently launching their first or next campaign equipped with mindfulness tools to be well.

Influencer Marketing: I partner with brands to market their products or services on my various media channels.

Group Coaching and Employee Training: I am available to host, lead, and/or train groups utilizing my experiences in meditation, yoga, leadership, HR management, public speaking, diversity & inclusion, strategic planning, marketing, and event planning.

Interested in hiring me to lead your group, promote your brand, coach you to be well, or develop a program for your company? Email me at [email protected].