Hi! I’m Shawntel Asemota White

But you can call me Soa

Wellness Coach + Business Strategist + Podcaster

I equip entrepreneurs with mindfulness techniques and business strategies so they can confidently launch successful businesses and be well, particularly black female entrepreneurs.

Here you will find snippets of my life with recipes, musings, and wellness; my loves with intimate content of my family and home; my looks when it comes to my style and beauty regimen, reviews, and recommendations; opportunities to learn with DIY content, courses, and ebooks for download; lastly, this hub is where you can listen to my podcast.

Deciding to go Meatless? Do this first!
There are options, but you have to be open to trying them out, Beloved.
Protecting My Family
It is my right and I must be prepared to protect or defend myself as well as protect and defend my family.
OOTD: In Vested in Fall
Finally pulled out that old puff vest for the fall!
Five legit ways to monetize your podcast
There are so many more ways to monetize your podcast than just the sponsored ads.
Podcast Episode 2: 8 Ways to Celebrate Life
I take a moment to reflect on some things that just make celebrating life so much more important.

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